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June/July 2017

On the Cover: United States Coast guard Seaman Apprentice Adam Figueroa is stationed in Hickman, Kentucky.


What’s the Coast Guard Doing in Kentucky? – by Beth Dugger Brown

Half Million Dollar Children’s Discovery Garden Opens at Discovery Park – by Mary Nita Bondurant

Falls Mill: Peace and History – by Kyle Dugger

5 Simple Projects to Recreate Your Backyard

For Our Students – by Anna Clark

A Father’s Day Tribute – by Sally Kirk Goodman

Concealed Carry: A Woman’s Responsibility to Personal Safety – by Kate Dugger

357 Days of Mary Nell:Day 324: The Curb – by Debbie Butler Tate

Royal Migration: Annual Journey of the Monarch Butterfly



iPad Tips (Part 1) – by John Dunker

The Sliding Scale

Chickens of Freedom – by Kurt Dugger

Seniors Today                                                                                                                                       
The Lost Lecture – by Emily Akin

Father’s Day The Best Advice My Father Gave Me – by Emily Akin

Just a Pinch  

Summer Recipes- compiled by Teresa Vinson