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April/May 2017

This issue of Hometown was centered on our Hometown Pets! Thanks so much too everyone who submitted their pet pictures! On our cover is Kendall Crabtree and her dog Daisy. We also have  good mix of other topics!


Love Your Now: You Need All Your Pieces – by Melissa Moore France


My Fantasy Pet – by Beth Dugger Brown

Join Us For Exciting Activities at Discovery Park of America – by Mary Nita Bondurant


National Train Day – by Linda Bradford

The Way to a Furry Roommate’s Heart – by Kate Dugger

And a Little Child Shall Lead Them – by Sally Kirk Goodman

Benefits of Fasting –  by Jacob Hamrick, PT, DPT, 

357 Days of Mary Nell – by Debbie Tate

Renaissance Festival: 16th Century Meets 21st Century – by Kate Dugger




Distracted Driving – by John Dunker

The Sliding Scale

Lets Imagine a Free market in Education – by Kurt Dugger

Seniors Today                                                                                                                                       
Conversations About Retirement – by Emily Akin

Laurie Pritchett: From Reykjavik to Dresden – by Nelda Rachels

Just a Pinch  

Spring Recipes – compiled by Teresa Vinson